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Kingroot (root app) is a tool or an app for rooting Android devices and tablets that root the device. Kingroot is a rooting tool for "lazy people" who don't want to flash a third-party Recovery but still want root access. To use this app, 'the Kingroot', you do not need to be an advanced user.

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File size:11MB, Android 4.0 and above file size is 20.46MB. This app is easy to use. To root the devices and to know more about them read further!

What is root?

The root access level of the Android system allows you to get the most out of your mobile operating system, specifically the Android version. Normally, root access is required to perform thorough phone management and optimization. For example, removing smartphone bloatware, prohibiting program auto-start, purifying the mobile phone system to save energy, and increasing the mobile phone's speed can all be included. To open their functionalities or add and remove them, some essential and pre-installed program needs root access.

If you want to root your devices, please get the updated version and the latest version provided by the developers, so that it will be easy to root the device.

Root your Android Device with Kingroot

Moreover, rooting is related to 'unlocking' and you can unlock your Android devices by having a complete admin right approach to your Android OS smartphone. It is also the same as the jailbreak option for IOS.

Users get 'Super user' permission by rooting your Android device, and you are facilitated with gaining an approach to complete control over your device.

Root your Android device to customize things such as ad-blocking.

If the users want to root your device, the best root app is Kingroot! Please get the latest version and the updated version so that it is easy to root the device.

How does KingRoot App work?

The latest version of KingRoot supports Android version 5.0. and 6.0 systems, enhancing the program applicability and making it more compatible with Android version 5.0. Rooting capability can improve and defend root security by assisting users in obtaining root permissions and managing application permissions more effectively.

More features for Android/ Samsung users for free

When a process is running, KingRoot can prevent the process from being hijacked, and also Kingroot can prevent program autoboot in bulk. The Kingroot allows users to simply adjust program starting behavior easily, cleanse the mobile run-time environment, and ensure that the phone continues to function normally after being rooted.

This application helps you to root your Android phone with a single click. If you want to root the devices and to know more about them read further!


You can also use Kingroot for Windows to root your device. In a matter of seconds, the Kingroot can root your Android version. If you have a handset with an Android version between 4.2.2 and 5.1, Kingroot software is ideal for your device. This Kingroot program works in the same way as basic 'Towelroot', but its application also takes you to root any Android Lollipop device.

With KingRoot 2022, rooting is a breeze. Install Kingroot on your device by downloading the apk file. Launch the application Kingroot, and tap on the Root button; your cellphone will be rooted in a matter of seconds. Wait until you root the device. Rooting is a dangerous process that must be approached with caution. However, Kingroot takes care of that risk and provides you with a rooted device in only a few steps. Root Checker can tell you whether or not your device is rooted.

KingRoot follows the same rooting technique as Towel Root and is similar to the KingoRoot software. Although the Kingroot app is in Chinese, all you need to do to root your cellphone is tap the blue button and wait for the Kingroot app to do the rest. Kingroot APK will complete its task in a matter of seconds, and you will have a rooted Android device. It is one of the most dependable methods for rooting an Android device via the Kingroot; however, you should be aware that rooting a device always involves some danger, so proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Before Rooting your device, here are some things to know:

You can root your phone with a single click. After you root your device, the program warranty will be void.

During or after rooting, your device may be bricked or damaged. We will not be held liable for any harm made to your device as a result of using the KingRoot app. If you're not sure about taking the risk, you could wait for a little and do some research first, or you could try our safest method: Rooting any Android version is completely SAFE and GUARANTEED.

You have the ability to unroot your device later if you don’t feel like rooting.

Unique Features Of KingRoot app

  • The Kingroot APK can be considered as the most popular and most downloaded One-click root tool for android version and also, the Kingroot is the most trusted tool.
  • The Kingroot APK supports the highest number of devices than any other similar tool. For instance, KingRoot APK supports a total of 104136 models which can not be done by the other apps.
  • KingRoot APK (5.3.7) is often updated in order to support new models and provide new features to the older version.

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98.2 percent success rate

KingRoot APK (5.3.7) has successfully rooted 98.2 percent of all devices that have downloaded and attempted to root it. This is the industry's highest success rate.

If you want to root your phone and to know more about it, read the full article!

Download Kingroot App for Android

The following instructions are for KingRoot App for Android version where you can root your phone.

How to download and use the Kingroot app on the Android version?

  1. Use your usual file manager to open the APK file.
  2. If your phone displays the warning "Installation Blocked" or something similar, go to Settings > Security > and check the "Unknown sources" option.
  3. Open the application now.
  4. It will say “Start root” or “Fix Now” in the window.
  5. If your smartphone is reconcilable, rooting will take only a few minutes. If your smartphone has been successfully rooted, you will get the "root" screen. Congrats!!!!!! You can now use all of the benefits of rooting your Android phone since you've downloaded the Kingroot.
  6. To double-check that the root is successful, go to Google Play and search for and install the Root Checker application to root your device.

Download KingRoot APK

Benefits of rooting the Android Device via the Kingroot

Remove or uninstall bloatware by using the Kingroot:

  • When you buy an Android device, it comes preloaded with a lot of apps that you may or may not require. They take up a lot of space on your device and can't be removed.
  • Bloatware is the term for these kinds of apps. As previously stated, you cannot delete or remove these apps under normal circumstances. This is when you'll need to root your Android device.
  • You can conserve a significant amount of system memory, which is essential for any device using Kingroot. These apps may also run in the background, draining your battery and RAM.
  • As a result, by freeing up more RAM, you may be able to extend the life of your battery and make your smartphone faster and more efficient. Download Kingroot to be facilitated!

How to Remove Bloatware?

Some of the apps, even if you never use them, may be essential for your device to function properly. Before deleting any system app, we recommend that you backup your apps with Titanium Backup.


After you root your Android version, go to the Google Play Store and download Titanium Backup or one of the system app removal apps. If you download Titanium Backup, open it, wait for the apps to load, and then tap the app you wish to remove. By now, you've completed your task.

Block ads on the device by using Kingroot

Whenever you play a game or use an app, you will be bombarded with unwanted advertisements that will detract from your enjoyment. Despite the fact that advertisements are the reason we have entry to hundreds of thousands of wonderful free apps, many developers are going too far. Many apps display invasive adverts, pop-ups, or notifications even when we aren't using them, which is quite annoying, and they can also install malware.

Get the Kingroot (Kingroot 5.4.0/ 5.3.7) on your Android versions and facilitate with the block ads option!

Improve the battery life using the Kingroot

Your phone does far more jobs than you would imagine. Unless you switch off your device, it must operate continually every second in order to function properly, such as receiving mobile signals, displaying time, running several background activities, and so on. It's no surprise that the battery drains too quickly, or at least more quickly than you'd anticipate. Though the sole remedy in normal circumstances is to recharge the battery or carry a power pack, with a rooted Android phone/tablet, you have a few choices for extending battery life.

Get the Kingroot on your Android versions with a one-click to be facilitated!

How to improve battery life on android with KingRoot?

Apps like Greenify and Amplify Battery Extender, which operate only after rooting using KingRoot, can help you get more battery life out of your Android versions with one click. As previously mentioned, you can save battery by uninstalling bloatware.

Greenify extends the life of your battery and increases the efficiency of your Android versions by hibernating apps that consume a lot of energy. Hibernating is the process through which an app goes inactive while it is not in use. It implies that your user experience will not be impaired, and you will notice no difference in how you use any program, but your battery life will be extended.

The Amplify Battery Extender operates in a similar manner. It detects background apps that use a lot of CPU and GPU and disables them. Because the majority of the battery is used to sustain those resource-hungry programs, you will notice a significant increase in battery life.

Download Kingroot on your Android to be facilitated!

Advanced and Efficient backup in the Kingroot

You can easily backup apps and games on your phone without rooting it, but you can't back up the data that the app uses. This means that restoring apps from a backup is the same as installing them from Google Play.

You may also back up the data from the apps after rooting with the KingRoot app. It means that after restoring the app, you will have the exact same app in the exact same condition, complete with your settings, login information, and so on. This type of backup is far more beneficial than traditional backups, as well as being far easier and faster.

How to completely backup apps and games after rooting?

kingroot apk download for android

After you've rooted your phone with KingRoot, go to the Google Play Store and download Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup is a fantastic solution for backing up programs and games, as well as their data.

Follow these steps to backup and restore with Titanium Backup:

  1. Titanium Backup is available on Google Play.
  2. Install it and give it root access.
  3. Now, on top of it, tap the Backup/Restore tab.
  4. On the next page, tap on backup after selecting the app you want.
  5. You're done after a few seconds.
  6. You have the option of restoring the app only, the data only, or both apps and data at the same time.
  7. To recover any app/data, simply tap on it. You should see a restore option, which you should tap.
  8. After that, you'll be asked to select between Data Only, App Only, and App+Data. Simply select one of the alternatives and you're done.

Advanced customization of the Kingroot

Android has always been known for its customization, and this is by far the most significant advantage of Android or Samsung version over iOS. You may achieve new heights of customization after rooting your phone with KingRoot APK.

  • KingRoot APK allows cutting-edge technologies to allow you to root your Android and expand its capabilities. You have full administrative privileges in enhancing the way your phone appears and performs now that you have root access. Once you've rooted your Android device, you'll be able to install custom ROMs.
  • Additional features, distinctive themes, and adjustments are all included in this customized and feature-rich version of the Android OS, all of which contribute to improved mobile device performance.
  • For example, CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs for rooted phones, with features such as lock screen gestures, DSP equalizer, CPU overclocking and underclocking, and a complete theme engine with its own theme store.
  • Paranoid Android is another great custom ROM that includes UI customization, floating notifications and multitasking, gesture controls, and hidden navigation PIE mode. However, keep in mind that it only supports a certain group of Android devices, including Oppo, OnePlusOne, and Google Nexus.
  • You can use an unreleased version of Android without any restrictions if you root your phone. Because there are some limitations in terms of the availability of this latest version on mobile devices, customization is only feasible with rooted phones. As a result, using Kingroot gives you the ability to tailor your smartphone for better browsing and overall user experience.

How to unroot your device?

Once you've rooted your phone, you can always restore it to its original state. You can do so by following the simple procedures outlined below:

  1. To access the settings menu, open it and tap it.
  2. Scroll down to "Full Unroot" and tap it.
  3. Congratulations, your gadget is now back to its original form.

To root Samsung or Android phones please use this free root program!

Download and install the latest version of the popular program for free, in order to root your Android/ Samsung phone!

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Download KingRoot APK